A Note About This Kit

Be advised that this is a complicated installation. It should not be considered an easy procedure. It will take 6 to 8 hours to complete. You or someone you know that can help you must realize that a certin skill level is needed to install this kit.
The Sync Display Unit must be removed and remounted at the bottom of the stack. The smoked glass cover gets removed also. The main radio head must be turned up 90 degrees at its present position which involves freeing up some slack in the radio wiring harness. The black plastic box (satellite) above the radio must be removed from the bracket and relocated further back in the dash. 2 steel brackets that it came off of must be bent up 90 degrees so that the radio head will clear the turn upward. A small section of plastic behind the opening on the right side must be cut with a dremel tool to make room for the IPad charge cable. The headliner must be partally or fully removed to install the roof mount hardware. Electricial connections include cutting and splicing 2 connectors extending 1 from the radio area to the overhead and one from the dome. You will also re-locate the alarm module from the original dome and mount it inside the overhead.
I know all of this is a little overwhelming but it's not that difficult. The install guide includes pictures and detailed wiring instructions.


The IPad can be removed in a few minutes, however it is not designed to take in and out of the car. I recommend tinted windows. Also a black hand towel draped over the Ipad makes the system almost invisible.

The IPads


Since there are different IPads for sale now, each has a little difference in thickness. I recommend the IPad 3 or 4 for the installation.
The 3g Ipads have a built in gps that will let some navigation apps work without a connection.
Note: You will loose access to the power button when installed. Since there is now a jailbreak for IOS7, you can get a app to let the IPad power on and off with the car.


Here is a list of some recommended IPad apps.
  • My #1 favorite clock app that I use most of the time is "LCARS Clock" It is visually appealing even if your not a Star Trek fan.There are hundreds of clocks available
  • The best GPS app is" Navigon". It uses built in maps and works without an internet connection if you are using the 3G Ipad. Another option is to use a bluetooth gps module like the DUAL model to give the non 3G ipad models GPS without a internet connection,
  • MotionX is another good GPS app.
  • A good audio app is"EQu", again, hundreds of players out there.
  • I have an app called "Mobilinc HD" it's a home control system that I can remotly control my home lights and thermostat. A quick connection via Iphone to the internet and you have full control of your home. Home system requires Insteon lighting controllers and thermostat. You can even connect to your DVR and see live video of your home while on the road.
  • DASH COMMAND is also a nice OBD-II interface. This is a Great addition. I purchased the Go-Point Blue Tooth adapter and the software connects perfectly. You can also change and build your own skins at http://www.dashxl.net/. There are hundreds of skins there. Search for one called "LCARS updated9C". I designed this skin from the star trek theme. Here are a couple of screens.

  • Another great app just downloaded and free at the App Store is AIRVINYL. A turntable and cassette audio player gives your Iconic car a vintage look without taking up the space.

If you have any difficulties installing this kit or have questions, email me. For more difficult concerns I will offer phone support.
Thank You