IN-DASH IPad and Sync Display

Our custom built conversion kit is hand crafted with quality materials. Every kit is pre-wired with detailed instructions with pictures and video about hooking up the nessasary connections to the car.
The new IPad bezel is hand crafted quality Plexiglass sanded and buffed smooth to give it that OEM look. Sync display moves to bottom of stack under the IPad. Original radio and climate controls move to the overhead.
Bezels accept IPad models 2, 3, and 4. Specify at time of order.

Radio, Climate Controls
LED Dome & Color Accent Lighting
LED Dome & Aux Power Switches

The overhead console is designed to accept the trimmed original radio stack retainig all functions (Excluding CD player). Smoked plexiglass in the front and rear of the console house selectable LED dome lights. The additional control panel has quality black illuminated push buttons for dome control and color accent lighting. 1 switch controls charging for the IPad.




Revised Design includes LED Pony Front and Rear Dome Lights. Rear Dome switchable white or blue color.
Lighted switch indicators.


This Conversion Kit is not a radical "Show Car" design but a functional every day driver modification. With the large IPad display GPS apps are easier to use and multitude of apps for music and bluetooth conectivity to the car with an optional ODB-II dongle, full car diagonistics can be displayed while driving. The non destructive connection to the existing audio system uses the "Line In" input or bluetooth connection to pipe the IPad audio into the system. No need to rewire the stereo.